Mrs. Attaya's First Grade

Insect Inspections

What is an insect?
Imaginary Insects
It's A Mystery

What is an insect?

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: make a list of the LIVING and NONLIVING things that you can find in your backyard (or neighborhood park).

Brainstorm list of insects - keep as reference and to recheck for accuracy as students learn more about insects.

Sort collection of pictures or plastic animals by insect/not insect.

Make mini book about insect characteristics.

Imaginary Insects

After we learn about the characteristics of insects, students will use paper scraps and other recycled materials to create an imaginary insect - a critter unlike any we have ever seen, but which has all of the characteristics of an insect.

by Tina

by Tiffany

by David

It's A Mystery

Observation versus Inference: Look at a picture. Sort statement about picture as either observations of inferences. Define each.

Observe. Look carefully. What do you see?

Mystery Jar Observation Book

What do you think it is?

Serious discussion about observations and hypothesis.

Praying Mantis Website


Literacy Stations

Browsing Box - familiar books

BUZZ Said the Bee with stuffed animal characters


Bee Attributes

Children sort BEEns (lima bean painted bees) by attribute. Record using tally marks on record sheet. Compare more/less

ASSESS: collecting and interpreting data

Social Studies
Bug Jar word sort - r blends

Materials: cr, dr, pr, and gr labeled bug jar mats, word cards, record sheets

ASSESS:read and sort word by initial blend

Bug Buddy Posters

Children will sort rules for bug buddies.

A Bug Buddy would . . .

A Bug Bully would . . .

Write and illustrate a rule

Assess: respect for living things

Insect Dictionary

Materials:blank dictionary, colored pencils, insect word cards (created by students)

The child will write and illustrate words in blank dictionary - keep for class use

 ASSESS: writing complete sentences

Create a Critter

The child will use draw tools to create a critter that has insect features and will create a habitat for their critter

 ASSESS: print for writing extension  

Creative Arts

Insect/Not Insect Sort

The child will sort and label a collection of plastic creatures.

Write and draw sort on manilla paper

ASSESS: Science assessment

Things That BUG Me

Materials:The child will write sentences telling about things that BUG them on bug jar stationary. Collect for class book,

Don't BUG Me!

 ASSESS: writing complete sentences

The Very Quiet Cricket

Quick as a Cricket song and tape

The child will listen to insect stories on tape and follow along in book.


ASSESS: Language Arts - Listening

ing word sort

Materials: ing word cards, clothespins, sorting labels

Children will match verb to -ing form of word, using clothespins to clip together. Child will sort word pairs by rule for suffix:

add ing,

drop e and add -ing

double consonant and add -ing

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