Ocean Study

SEE our SEA Study

Paper plate crab books hold information about sea animals with shells. We created fish designs from pattern blocks and graphed the blocks we used to create our designs.

What are these kids so "crabby" about? 

They wrote facts about sea animals that have shell bodies inside these great books.

Students added a Table of Contents to their nonfiction books.

She sells seashells . . . or sorts them!

Sorting seashells using a Venn diagram

Practicing reading words with -ed ending while playing

Sunken Treasure reading game.

SEE our Homophone SEA? We're fishing for homophones - words that sound

alike but have different spellings and meanings.

Is that a school of fish or a school of friends? Both!

These colorful fish books contain writing about what the children have learned in school this year.

Under the Sea Gallery

SEE our SEA pictures

Ocean Literacy Stations

working and learning together


Browsing Box - familiar books

Add ocean books

Read: The Little Fish That Got Away


Measure duplicated fish shapes using cubes, inches and centimeters. Record on record sheet.

Bonus: Draw and measure your own fish on the back

Social Studies

Long Vowel Word Wheel

Record words made on the word wheel on record sheet. Add shark pens to station for use when recording words

-ake -ace -ame -ail

Reference: Phonics Games & Learning Activities by Teacher Created Materials

Sunken Treasure Game

Cooperative game

Child chooses a game card. If s/he can read the word with -ed ending, s/he may roll the die and move marker on gameboard on the path to the sunken treasure.

*Children created game cards by searching readers for words with -ed endings to write on game cards.

Look for Treasure


a/an word sort

Sort ocean creature words on mini pocket chart under headings a or an.

Child uses thin markers to record sort on light blue paper - adding illustrations

Create a Kid Pix Ocean

Use Kid Pix computer software to create an ocean scene. Stamp tool may not be used.

Save pictures for class slide show.

Creative Arts

Seashell Sort

Sort seashells on Venn Diagram sorting mats

Children can mix and match headings to vary sorts:

big - little rough - smooth shiny - dull

univalve - bivalve

I like - I don't like

 Shell Sort

Doodle Art Ocean Dictionary

Children use blank Ocean Dictionary book. Draw sea creatures from Doodle Art posters under appropriate letter in dictionary and label with name


The Magic Fish

Children listen to story on tape.

Respond: I wish . . .


SEE Our Homophone SEA

Class generated a list on homophones that were recorded on sentence strips. Words were cut apart and a paper clip was attached. Children use dowel rod fishing pole with magnetic hook to catch pairs of homophones

See Our Sea

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