Mrs. Attaya's First Grade

We have ROCKS in our heads!

Take a peek at our study of rocks.

Rock Explorations
Literacy Stations

Introduction to Earth

Brainstorm: What is the earth made of? What covers the earth?

Is the earth covered with more land or more water?

Globe Toss - Toss and Tally activity from AIMS - Primarily Earth

Draw a picture of the earth showing both land and water.

Explore website with pictures of landforms:

Photos of Landforms

Divide students into small groups and have them look through books about features of the earth. Allow them plenty of time to talk among their groupas they look for pictures of land features.

Add to list What covers the earth?

Music/Culture: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Introduction to Rocks

Where can you find rocks?

What do you know about rocks?

Explore rock collections. Write observations in journals.

observing rock collections brought from home

Sort rocks by attribute.

Identify kinds of rocks using rock book or chart.

Rock Explorations

Rock explorations using lessons and materials from the

FOSS Kit: Pebbles, Sand and Silt

Children looked at rocks and made observarions using the magnifying glasses.

What do you notice? How can you describe that rock? What makes it similar to/different from other rocks in your collection?


What happens when you rub two rocks together?

Rocks + Water = WONDER!

What happens when you put a rock into water?

What changes did you notice?

Rocks + Water = WONDER!

 Sifting and Sorting Rocks by Size

Rock Math Integration

weighing rocks using bears and the balance scale


Teacher Resources:
AIMS - Primarily Earth
FOSS Kit - Pebbles, Sand and Silt

Literacy Stations

Work in progress - check back again soon.

Browsing Box - familiar books

Add Sylvester and the Magic Pebble book and tape with book response

Stepping Stones Math Game

Children play game on stepping stone game board using word problem game cards

ASSESS: teacher observation

Social Studies
"Sneaky e" Flip Word Cards

Globe Search


Geology Journal

Materials: rock words chart, blank books, pencils and colored pencils, collection of colorful and interesting rocks

The child will write observations about rocks in Geology Journal



ABC Order Names

The child will practice word processing (changing font, style and text color) and keyboarding skills (use of shift key for capital letters, placement of letters on the keyboard) while typing in 5 classmate names in ABC order on template.

ASSESS: Print out work for assessment of ABC order and keyboarding skills.

Creative Arts

Rock Sort

The child will sort a collection of rocks in a variety of ways.

Materials: rock collection, recording sheet

ASSESS: turn in record sheet for science assessment

Pet Rock

Materials: collection of rocks and wiggly eyes, craft glue



Stone Soup Book and Tape

The child listen to tape while following along in book. Book response: folded paper story sequence. In each space provided, draw what was added to the soup.

ASSESS: Language Arts - Listening

100 Things to Like . . . or Not

Materials: mini pocket charts with divider, words from 100th Day list -

I would like 100 . . . and other words added

manilla paper and bright colored markers

The child will read and sort word cards under headings I would like 100 -

or I would not like 100 -

Record using markers on manilla paper

Assess: Share 5 likes and 5 dislikes from list with class during share time

Mrs. Attaya's Class ROCKS!

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