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Learning TOGETHER in all kinds of WEATHER

Water Cycle
Severe Weather
Literacy Stations


What does a thermometer look like when it is cold? What does it look like when it is hot?

We experimented using cups of cold and warm water.

We drew our results and then brainstormed things that are hot or cold.

Dr. Pepper
ice cream
fuzzy dog

hot sauce


work sample by Dylan

We took our thermometers home in bubble wrap packages and observed them in different locations in our homes. We recorded our results on our homework sheet. We shared our results in class.

sample homework assignment by Tiffany




Can air be strong? How powerful is the wind?

We used wind to move a variety of objects in our classroom.

We measured how far we could move objects by blowing on them.

Do you think the paper or the rock can be blown farther?

Ou favorite wind stories? The Three Little Pigs! We read as many different versions as we could find!



We made clothes out of paper towels and hung them on the clothesline to dry.

What happened? An hour ago these clothes were wet, and now they are dry!

Do puddles last forever? What happens to them?

We made puddles of water and observed them on a sunny day.

Water Cycle

Yummy! Edible water cycle - this water cycle was good enough to eat!

Water Cycle in a baggie

Student illustration of the water cycle

work sample by Tyronette


It Looked Like Spilt Milk flannel board story

Severe Weather

Tornado Bottles

Duck and cover drill

Listening tape - Little Thinkers listen and draw



Rainbow light

Rainbow stories


Literacy Stations

Browsing Box

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

flannel board story

Umbrella Math

The child will trace and cut a paper umbrella. The child will write a number (6,7,8 or 9) on the umbrella. The child will use yarn to attach raindrops on which they have written facts that equal the number on their umbrella.

Assess: number combinations for designated number

Social Studies
Read and Sort sh ~ ch

Students read word cards on which an sh or ch word is written. Sort words onto mini pocket chart. Copy words using thin markers sorted onto a piece of manilla paper which has been folded in half. Circle the digraph sh or ch in each word written.

Teacher quick check for accuracy.

Make A Rainbow Cooperative Game

Materials: spinner on which the color words are written, copy of a rainbow with spaces labeled with color words, clipboard and crayons

The child will spin the spinner and color in the appropriate space on the gameboard. The child "misses" a turn if s/he spins a color that s/he already has colored in.

Draw a rainbow picture on the back.

cooperative learning game

Weather Words in ABC Order

Preparation: brainstorm a list of weather words with the class. Write each of the words on blank index card. Give one card to each child to illustrate.

Children select a card from the collection and write it under the appropriate letter in a blank ABC weather book. The child can use colored pencils to illustrate each word entered in their dictionary.

Share with class - put in writing notebook for reference during weather unit

Kid Pix Weather Pictures

Creative Arts

Weather Graph

Preparation: The child will sort favorite weather pictures drawn by classmates. The child will create and record a graph of results

Turn in for Science assessment.

Weather Pictures

Children will use permanent markers

to draw a weather related picture.

They will use water colors to

paint picture.

Children can write a weather report to accompany paintings during writing workshop or present picture to the class for an oral language assessment

Peter and the North Wind

Children listen to story on tape.

Respond: windy day pictures


Share with class

Shadow Writing

Children will work in pairs, one child at the overhead and the other on the white board. Shine the overhead on the white board. One child writes a high frequency word from the word ring on the overhead using a colored marker. The other child reads it and traces over it on the white board with a black marker.

Assess: read words on word ring

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